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Why Spatz3?

Welcome to Spatz3 – your personalized path to sustainable wellness. Explore the benefits of the world’s first and only adjustable gastric balloon, designed to empower your wellness journey. Here’s why Spatz3 stands out:

Tailored For You

Spatz3 is the only adjustable gastric balloon on the market!

Proven Success

84% success rate, backed by clinical trials and patient stories.

Safe & Effective

FDA approved and recommended by doctors and clinics world-wide.

Fast & Easy

Non-Surgical, outpatient procedure that only takes 15 minutes!

How Spatz3 Stacks Up?

Lose weight and keep it off. Choose Spatz3 for a journey that prioritizes both
immediate success and the enduring maintenance of a healthier you.

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How Does it Work?

Spatz3 makes weight loss a breeze with a 15-minute outpatient procedure.

No incisions, no hospitalization – just a seamless, non-surgical experience. The Spatz3 balloon adapts to your unique needs, guiding you towards effective and sustainable weight loss.


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Spatz3 Implantation

Balloon Adjustability

Ensuring no one is left behind

Ballon Volume Decrease

With all gastric balloons, approximately 10% of patients face early balloon intolerance. Spatz3 is the ONLY balloon with the answer to early balloon intolerance. With a short down-adjustment procedure, the size of the balloon is decreased, alleviating symptoms of intolerance and allowing for the completion of the weight loss treatment.

Balloon Volume Increase

With all gastric balloons, around the 4th month the body begins to adjust to the balloon, leading to a stall of weight loss and sometimes even weight regain. Spatz3 is the ONLY balloon with the answer to the weight loss plateau. Patients can have their balloon volume increased, rejuvenating the weight loss effect and leading to 15.2% additional excess weight loss. 

Trusted by Many, Loved by All

Join hundreds of thousands of others who have embraced Spatz3 as their
partner in health and well-being.


Meet Efi, who lost over 100 pounds with Spatz3!


Meet Julia, who lost an incredible 110 pounds! 


Meet David, who completely transformed his body… look at those muscles! 

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